4×4 Trucks for Sale

by Thomas

Welcome to 4×4 Trucks for Sale — a single comprehensive resource for finding your ideal 4×4 truck. Here you will learn how to inspect a used truck before you buy it or prepare a truck for sale if you are looking to sell it.

Instead of surfing around for hours, just bookmark this site because I’ve already done the work for you. Here you will find every legitimate and worthwhile resource for new and used 4×4 trucks for sale, all collected into a single, well-organized resource.

Looking for a dealership in your area? Visit my Find 4×4 Trucks For Sale section, click on your state and then find every dealer in your state with an online presence.

Need to know what to look for when looking at a used truck? Try either reading my comprehensive guides to inspecting used 4×4 trucks or watch my collection of 4×4 truck video tutorials.

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My Love of 4×4 Trucks

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I love the strength and versatility of four-wheel drive trucks. This particular area of mechanics features a rich and varied history with a diverse range of styles, functions, makes and models. Now a friend is helping me bring my enthusiasm and knowledge online through this website.

In addition to helping people find and buy the right truck at the best price, I will also share my enthusiasm for the wide world of trucks, teaching you about different kinds of off-road and utility vehicles. Buying trucks online can be exciting but intimidating at the same time. I sincerely hope you find my site useful as you explore 4×4 trucks for sale.

Finding New and Used Trucks for Sale Online

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I hope to help you make the most of popular resources such as 4×4 Auto Trader, Ebay Motors, Craig’s List and CarMax. I also hope to help you understand and utilize the Kelly Blue Book to make sure you engage in fair business. You will likely discover how I have a particular preference for used diesel trucks, but I will attempt to present information as impartially as possible. Soon you will find comprehensive guides for finding 4×4 trucks for sale online, whether you seek custom trucks for sale, diesel trucks for sale or even military hummers for sale.

4×4 Cars and AWD Cars

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While I have a particular interest in classic trucks, I am also open to fun with jacked up trucks and curious about the latest technological developments and the current trend towards utilizing all-wheel drive in even luxury sedans.

Those cars won’t be the focus of my site, but I will discuss them when it seems reasonable. I will offer my entirely subjective thoughts on the various brands and technologies available.

While the debate among truck lovers will forever rage on about whether Ford, Chevy or Dodge RAM provides the toughest trucks, I will do my best to remain neutral and fair in that debate. Hopefully the GMC or Chevrolet loyalists go easy on me as I focus on the best trucks for particular cases and needs, regardless of loyalty towards any one make or model.

And it seems you can’t write a truck blog these days without covering the crazy and fun world of jacked up trucks or monster trucks, so I’ll throw in a little bit here and there about these massive custom 4×4 trucks and what to look for when shopping for these 4×4 trucks online.

The Many Types of 4×4 Vehicles

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I will discuss 4×4 vehicles in general, including pick-up trucks, cars that feature all-wheel-drive, vans and utility trucks. I will also discuss enthusiast options like understanding how to evaluate jacked up trucks for sale and lifted 4×4 trucks for sale. As my son has taken a liking to remote control toy trucks, I may even provide a section on rc 4×4 trucks for sale.

So whether you’re looking for information on a luxury truck with a crew cab or seeking a tough old diesel for heavy duty work, I hope to provide the information you need to pickup the right truck via Ebay Motors.

And finally I will provide you with some practical, useful information on classic truck insurance. It can be a tricky matter but an important one for true 4×4 truck enthusiasts.

As you can see, there really is no shortage of topics to cover when you discuss the simple matter of 4×4 vehicles.

4×4 Truck Parts and 4×4 Truck Tires

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I’m developing guides to specific 4×4 parts and truck accessories, including 4×4 tires and trailers, but it’s taking some time. I’m enjoying the modern variety of custom trucks and learning about the best 4×4 trails, and I’ll enjoy sharing with you what I find.

How to Inspect 4×4 Trucks For Sale

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4×4 vehicles are sophisticated works of machinery. Whether you’re looking for classic 4×4 trucks for sale or custom 4×4 trucks for sale, you need to know how to inspect a used truck and identify the serious problems along with the inconsequential problems. While I’m sure many people are looking for various sorts guides to pickups and perhaps specialized 4WD trucks like jacked up trucks for sale, for now I cover straightforward 4×4 mechanics. Please note I’ve expanded and moved this part to the following comprehensive guide:

How To Inspect Used 4×4 Trucks

Because of my preference for modern diesel engines, I will also discuss what you need to consider when perusing various diesel trucks for sale. Check out the 4×4 YouTube videos I now have live and available in my site’s sidebar there.

So be sure to explore my entire website for more comprehensive information on 4×4 trucks for sale online.

Jacked Up Trucks

When people see jacked up trucks, they often experience admiration or derision, generally depending your cultural proclivity. Jacked up trucks, or lifted trucks, embody a sense of boldness and power that makes people turn their heads.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to put one together? A quick look at the local car lot will tell you that jacked up trucks don’t come from the factory that way. You often won’t find many jacked up trucks for sale as most people who want such a vehicle prefer to customize it themselves. Read on to find out how your average show room floor pickup truck becomes a lifted beast, terrorizing Mazdas everywhere. […]

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Military Hummers for Sale

The “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle,” also called the HMMWV or Humvee, is a vehicle manufactured by AM General primarily for use by the U.S. military. Humvees are not offered directly for sale to the public. Decommissioned vehicles are sent back to AM General to be rebuilt or destroyed. Until recently, military hummers were either imported from other countries who bought the vehicles, prototypes owned by military contractors, or vehicles built from the ground up using spare parts. […]

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Diesel Trucks for Sale

Before you begin truck shopping, define exactly what you want and need. Do you want a certain color or make? What size and horsepower do you need? Figure these things out before starting your search. It will help narrow down your selection and help you find exactly the truck that you want. When researching 4×4 trucks for sale, you should always shop with a predefined set of variables rather than let the sellers convince you of the variables you need.

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Classic Truck Insurance

One of the most useful aspects of classic truck insurance is that you can stipulate in your coverage agreement exactly how you intend to use the vehicle. Your coverage costs will differ depending on how often you use the car in regular traffic. If you only drive it to and from shows, your insurance rate will be much lower than if you drive the truck daily. There is normal wear and tear that occurs during daily driving, as well as an increased risk that your truck may be involved in an accident. If you only drive the truck occasionally, you may qualify for a reduction in your insurance rates.

Insuring your classic truck against damage will make sure that you recover the money that you have spent maintaining your cherished vehicle. It can make sure that you have the resources to repair or restore your truck if anything unexpected should ever happen. […]

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