Classic Truck Insurance

Good classic truck insurance protects your investment. If you own a truck that is over 20 years old, you can carry classic truck insurance to protect it. Classic, or antique, insurance coverages offer special options that consider the age and rarity of your older truck. Carrying classic insurance gives you a way to prove the value of your vehicle and makes sure that any replacement or restoration work that is necessary because of an accident is covered by your insurance agency. Normal truck insurance is usually inadequate to handle the costs of repairing an older vehicle.

Only Pay for What You Need for Truck Insurance

One of the most useful aspects of classic truck insurance is that you can stipulate in your coverage agreement exactly how you intend to use the vehicle.

Your coverage costs will differ depending on how often you use the car in regular traffic. If you keep your truck garaged at home, you never drive the truck normally and only haul it to and from shows, your insurance rate will be much lower than if you drive the truck daily. There is normal wear and tear that occurs during daily driving, as well as an increased risk that your truck may be involved in an accident. If you only drive the truck occasionally, you may still qualify for a reduction in your auto insurance rates.

Be Comfortable with the Appraisal for Your Classic Truck

When you are shopping for insurance coverage for your classic truck, the appraisal amount will determine what you would receive in the event of an accident. Determining the value of an antique or classic truck is not always easy to do and the value of a 4×4 truck can vary greatly from the value of various 4×4 vans for sale. There can be quite a lot of fluctuation between the market price of a vehicle and the investment that you have put into it. Don’t settle for the first appraisal you receive. Shop around and see how different insurance companies are willing to appraise your truck. It is also a good idea to find a dealer who works with classic trucks and can provide you with an appraisal that you can present to the insurance agency when you are negotiating for a fair price.


Custom classic trucks can make the search for appropriate antique truck insurance even more challenging. Determining such classic truck values requires patience and diligence.

It is also worth noting that as you shop for 4×4 trucks for sale, if you are shopping for an antique or classic truck, you should research and consider the extra insurance expense some classic trucks may incur.

Make Sure You Understand Any Storage Restrictions in Your Classic Truck Insurance

Some classic truck insurance policies require that you store your vehicle under specific conditions. If you have chosen car insurance that stipulates that you don’t drive the truck regularly, the insurance company may require that you keep the truck housed in a garage or other covered building to protect it from the elements. The insurance company does not want to be held liable for any damage that might happen if a truck is left on an open driveway. Neighborhood children, animals, and the weather can all damage a truck that is left uncovered. Check with your insurance agent about any storage requirements that might affect your policy before you sign a contract. You should verify the degree of liability coverage you have or may require with your auto insurance company.

I also suggest you get a rough estimate from an online insurance aggregation service like Esurance before committing to any single contract. This will help you have a ball park understanding of the cost you should expect.

Insuring your classic truck or classic car against damage will make sure you recover the money you have spent maintaining your cherished vehicle. It can make sure you have the resources to repair or restore your truck if anything unexpected should ever happen, and as you may already know if you reached this particular 4×4 truck article, classic truck restoration often requires a good investment.