Jacked Up Trucks

When people see jacked up trucks, they often experience admiration or derision, generally depending your cultural proclivity. Jacked up trucks, or lifted trucks, embody a sense of boldness and power that makes people turn their heads.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to put one together? A quick look at the local car lot will tell you that jacked up trucks don’t come from the factory that way. You often won’t find many jacked up trucks for sale as most people who want such a vehicle prefer to customize it themselves. Read on to find out how your average show room floor pickup truck becomes a lifted beast, terrorizing Mazdas everywhere. Continue reading

Diesel Trucks for Sale

Before you begin truck shopping, define exactly what you want and need. Do you want a certain color or make? What size and horsepower do you need? Figure these things out before starting your search. It will help narrow down your selection and help you find exactly the truck that you want. When researching 4×4 trucks for sale, you should always shop with a predefined set of variables rather than let the sellers convince you of the variables you need.
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Used Diesel Trucks

Once obscure, diesel passenger cars, luxury cars, and even SUVs are now commonplace in the market. However, diesel pickup trucks are still king of the diesel hill, and it is with those used diesel trucks for sale by Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge, and Ford, where we witness the highest sales and the greatest innovation. In fact, diesel technology has changed so much over the years that there is a great deal that the average customer doesn’t know when they evaluate used diesel trucks.

A diesel-burning engine requires additional measures to meet stringent emission standards. For this reason, diesel models are more expensive than the equivalent gas model. However, customers should note how the modern diesel engine achieves much better fuel performance than a gas engine does in most scenarios, and this savings often offsets that initial cost. Continue reading

Detailing 4×4 Trucks for Sale Video

Ever wonder how a dealer details all those 4×4 trucks for sale on their lot? Well I recently came across this 8 minute video that shows, from beginning to end, the detailing of a Ford F250. It is a pretty remarkable process. While it helps you understand how you can turn around the appearance and appeal of your 4×4 truck, it also helps you better appreciate how you should take a deep look at how to inspect 4×4 trucks for sale so you’re not smitten by the superficial gloss of a good detailing job.

So whether you’re looking at used diesel trucks for sale or some range of jacked up trucks, be sure to remember how quickly and easily a dealer can provide tremendous sheen to truck that looked terrible just 8 minutes ago. Continue reading

4×4 Trucks for Sale YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks

While I think the beginning summary of this 4×4 YouTube video is useful, if you’re feeling impatient you may wish to skip ahead to around the 3:10 mark where he takes the video camera along for a real inspection of a used truck. This is really great, meaty stuff you should consider and understand before you head out to buy any used diesel trucks or really any used trucks in general. You might even break out a notepad to take some notes as you watch this video. This 4×4 video is packed with real useful information.

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4×4 Trucks for Sale YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks – Part 4

Here we have PowerStrokeHelp.Com’s fourth video in a series on buying a used diesel truck. In this fourth 4×4 YouTube video, Bill takes us on a detailed tour underneath a truck. Some great points covered:

  • Not all leaks are necessarily bad.
  • A bolt broken on the back of the exhaust manifold is the best indication that the truck experienced sustained extreme high energy heat caused by being run hard.
  • Alignment must be carefully evaluated.
  • Used diesel trucks will almost always have flaws, but some of them are okay.

Know exactly what you’re buying. This video will help you understand and prepare yourself for the flaws, so you don’t miss something that will cost you in the long run.
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4×4 Trucks for Sale YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks – Part 2

Today on 4×4 Trucks for Sale we have the second video from William at Power Stroke Help. Just like his excellent first video, this video provides some very specific and nitty gritty information for you to understand when you evaluate used diesel trucks.

In this video, William addresses:

  • What to look for in the engine before you start the truck and why you should be the one who starts it.
  • What to look for while you turn the ignition initially (you’ll understand this more as you watch).
  • What to look and listen for when you begin your test drive.

Lots of great details here. Enjoy and learn: Continue reading

How to Inspect Used 4×4 Trucks for Sale

With this article I’ll give you a step-by-step process for how to inspect used 4×4 trucks for sale. From the body lines to the engine, you’ll learn what you need to watch for and why as you evaluate whether or not a particular 4×4 will be worth your time and money. This is a big purchase so you want to know exactly what you’re getting before it’s too late.

Should you buy from a dealer or a private seller? There are advantages and disadvantages to either of these. But here are the main things you should consider. Continue reading