4×4 Trucks for Sale YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks – Part 4

Today on 4×4 Trucks for Sale we have PowerStrokeHelp.Com’s fourth video in a series on buying a used diesel truck. While this is mostly applicable to buying a used diesel truck, in particular a used Ford diesel truck, there is a ton to taught about comprehensively evaluating any used truck.

In this fourth 4×4 YouTube video, Bill takes us on a detailed tour underneath a truck. Some great points covered:

  • Not all leaks are necessarily bad; sometimes you can get the vehicle for less because of a leak that isn’t too difficult or expensive to fix.
  • A bolt broken on the back of the exhaust manifold is the best indication that the truck experienced sustained extreme high energy heat — heat caused by being run hard. This can lead to burned out turbo chargers, worn out piston rings, and burned out valves.
  • Alignment must be carefully evaluated. Take it in to a front end specialist.
  • Used diesel trucks will almost always have flaws, but some of them are okay. The important part is that you know exactly what you’re buying. Understand and prepare yourself for the flaws. Don’t miss something or misunderstand something that will cost you in the long run.

Take it away, Bill:

Here are all four videos in the series:

I hope you found this video series helpful. Again, if you’re anywhere near Buford, Georgia, give Bill and his team a visit as thanks for providing this great and helpful video series. Or visit Power Stroke Help for more online guidance, especially on Ford’s power stroke engine. Thank you for visiting 4×4 Trucks for Sale and please visit again soon.