4×4 Trucks for Sale YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks – Part 2

Today on 4×4 Trucks for Sale we have the second 4×4 video from William at Power Stroke Help. Just like his excellent first video, this video provides some very specific and nitty gritty information for you to understand when you evaluate used diesel trucks.

I love how he literally keeps the video camera rolling the entire time and talks about every little detail he sees as the camera rolls. You can really learn a lot from this video so take the time to watch the full video. And again, if you’re in Georgia and you need some diesel work done, give the man some business. That is my completely unsolicited and unaffiliated referral folks. This guy knows his stuff and is generous to share his knowledge with us.

In this video, William addresses:

  • What to look for in the engine before you start the truck and why you should be the one who starts it from cold, not the seller.
  • What to look for while you turn the ignition initially (you’ll understand this more as you watch the video).
  • What to both look for and listen for when you begin your test drive.

There are a lot of great details here if you are looking for a used truck. Enjoy and learn:

I hope this 4×4 YouTube video helps you and thank you for visiting 4×4 Trucks for Sale. Check back again soon as we’ve got parts 3 and 4 of William’s excellent 4×4 YouTube video guide still to come and we will continue to update the site with other information we hope you’ll find useful.