4×4 Trucks For Sale In Wisconsin

Live in Wisconsin and looking for a comprehensive list of 4×4 Trucks For Sale? In this post I will gather and maintain what I hope will be the most comprehensive resource for 4×4 trucks for sale in Wisconsin on the Internet. It’s ambitious but I’ll do my best. This guide will provide you a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for how and where to find 4×4 Trucks For Sale In Wisconsin.

Whether you want a major dealer for a major manufacturer or a small independent seller, whether you’re looking for the phone number, website and street address of a nearby seller or you’re looking for online listings in Wisconsin, my aim is to collect them all together in one comprehensive resource you can bookmark and return to over and over. So check my little table of contents right below here and I really hope I’m able to help you find the perfect 4×4 truck.

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4x4 Trucks For Sale In Wisconsin

Official Dealerships In Wisconsin for Major Manufacturers

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These lists are collected and maintained by Motor Trends magazine. This is a comprehensive list of all major brand dealerships in Wisconsin:

Independent and Miscellaneous 4×4 Truck Dealers In Wisconsin>

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This is a list of independent truck dealers in Wisconsin as well as shops and sellers in the Wisconsin area who deal in more than just standard consumer 4×4 trucks. Some of these are also licensed dealers for major manufacturers, though, so you might find a couple here that were in the above list of 4×4 dealerships in Wisconsin.

Chippewa Valley Eq
Holcombe, Wisconsin

L & S Truck Center
Appleton, Wisconsin

La Crosse Truck Center Inc
La Crosse, Wisconsin

M & D Truck & Equip, LLC
Monroe, Wisconsin



Northwoods Diesel
Minocqua, Wisconsin

Paul Huntington Sales
Bonduel, Wisconsin

Truck Country – Madison
Madison, Wisconsin

Truck Country – Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Truck Country – Wausau
Wausau, Wisconsin

V & H Trucks Inc
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Online Resources for 4×4 Trucks for Sale In Wisconsin

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The following websites are the best online resources for new and used 4×4 trucks for sale in Wisconsin. In addition to providing you all their links in one place, I also provide you with some basic directions on how to find what you want on each site.

4×4 Trucks for Sale In Wisconsin On Craig’s List

On this Craig’s List landing page, pick the classified section for the region of Wisconsin nearest to you. Then in the search field to the left, start with a search for just the word trucks or the specific truck you seek, such as the make and model of your desired truck.

AutoTrader Trucks For Sale In Wisconsin

Select new, certified or used, then put in your zip code and the distance from you where you’re willing to buy. Then select trucks in the body styles section, one to three make and models, year range, price range and finally whether you desire to search for dealerships, private owners or both. There are some optional, additional parameters you can use to further narrow your search, but this should get you on your way.

Wisconsin 4×4 Trucks for Sale Through CarsDirect

Just select New or Used, then put in your Wisconsin zip code and you’ll be on your way!

Find Used 4×4 Trucks In Wisconsin With the Kelly Blue Book Used Truck Listings

Yes, even the Kelly Blue Book has its own used vehicle listings. Just put in your Wisconsin zip code to start then narrow down the results with the different offered parameters, such as price, mileage, body type, fuel economy and of course, make and model.

4×4 Trucks On Ebay Motors

This is the truck hub of ebay’s ebay motors auction site. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. You can browse by year range, mileage range, cab size or manufacturer. You can also use the main search field at the top to search by specific make and models if you prefer.

4×4 Trucks for Sale In States Adjacent to Wisconsin

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Since this is the first post in my state-by-state guide on 4×4 trucks for sale, I don’t yet have links for you here. However, as I roll out all my guides for every state, you will find links to the state guides for all states adjacent to Wisconsin:

  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota

This will be handy for those of you who live near a Wisconsin border or don’t mind traveling a little bit to find just the right 4×4 truck.

How to Shop Carefully for 4×4 Trucks for Sale In Wisconsin

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First I would encourage you to peruse my videos on inspecting a 4×4 truck: 4×4 YouTube Video On Buying Used Trucks – Part 1

Then you might read my article on inspecting used 4×4 trucks: How to Inspect 4×4 Trucks for Sale

You should always keep the Kelly Blue Book and CarFax sites handy. Never pay a used truck a visit without checking its value in the Kelly Blue Book and never commit to any kind of exchange without checking that truck’s VIN with CarFax.

You can use my Find 4×4 Trucks For Sale category to find trucks for sale in all states.

By making it easier for you to find a variety of sources and choices for 4×4 trucks for sale in Wisconsin, I hope this helps you save time and money.